Tax Services

Federal Taxes

Individual Income Taxes
The Questus tax professionals are experienced in negotiating the ever-changing complexities of the Federal tax laws. CJBS will design and individualize plans and approaches to maximize a clients' tax advantages and minimize liabilities.

C-Corporation Income Taxes
Whether a client has recently started a corporation, expanded or renovated a current company, purchased assets or materials, or sold or donated assets, the staff at CJBS will examine every tax consideration. The staff at Questus will expertly address issues including corporate income tax compliance, review of contracts and transaction, international tax structures and corporate restructuring, all to achieve the objective of minimizing our clients' liabilities and gaining every possible advantage.

S-Corporation Income Taxes
The professionals at Questus have the experience and expertise to navigate the particular tax structure of S-Corporation. By organizing, preparing and presenting the specific documentation, we work with our clients to determine the particular tax credits available to S-Corporations, including improvements to property, the acquisition of energy efficient systems, and renovations designed to provide access to the disabled.

Partnership Income Taxes
While partnerships as an entity do not pay income tax, profits pass through to the individual partners. This requires the careful and meticulous preparation of all income and liability statements and tax returns. Our firm is dedicated to applying every advantage to each partner in order to reduce taxable liabilities and ease financial burdens.

Fiduciary Income Taxes
At Questus, our staff works to analyze every detail related to the Fiduciary Income Tax form 1041 and ensure an accurate, advantageous and timely presentation of the required documentation on behalf of trusts, estates or inheritance assets.

Nonprofit Corporation Taxes
The Questus tax specialists provide the expertise to help our clients sort through the tax laws regulating nonprofits to ensure that your company receives every exemption to which it is entitled and to meet your taxable obligations with the minimum possible liability.

Heavy Equipment Use Taxes
At Questus, we work diligently to see that our clients' construction or manufacturing operations receive every advantage in compliance with the federal laws regulating the taxation, exemptions and depreciation of heavy equipment, machinery and vehicles as well as parts and supplies.

State Taxes

Individual Income Taxes (For all states)
Many deductions that are taxable under federal regulations may be tax-exempt according to the laws of individual states. The tax experts at Questus are knowledgeable with the particular state tax codes and will reconcile the differences between the federal and state laws to ensure that our clients receive every possible deduction according to the regulations of their particular location.

Corporation Income Taxes
Our experienced specialists have a comprehensive knowledge of the complexities of corporate tax structures and the expertise to endure that your business receives every advantage available. The staff at Questus will examine issues including corporate income tax compliance, review of contracts and transaction, international tax structures and corporate restructuring. We will ensure compliance specific to particular locations and identify add-back deductions to minimize liabilities as well as taking full advantage of every possible tax advantage.

Partnership Income Taxes
Questus has the experience and expertise necessary to reconcile any difference between state and federal regulations in order to allow each partner every advantage in the interest of reducing taxable liabilities and maximize every benefit allowed under the statutes of the state of the corporate residence.

Intangible Taxes
Questus specialists are experienced at providing accurate valuation of our clients' intangible assets including trademarks, contracts, intellectual property, financial assets and bonds. These assets can represent considerable value to a company and may or may not be relevant to state income tax laws. Our experts' meticulous accounting and tax preparation of these assets will eliminate costly penalties while maximizing the advantages according to particular state regulations.

Tangible Taxes
Examples of business tangible personal property include desks, chairs, other furniture, computer hardware, specialized tools, machinery, and equipment. The tax specialists at Questus will provide accurate assessments of all tangible property, including appropriate depreciation, in order to ensure compliance with state regulation while earning our clients the maximum deductions allowed under a particular state's tax laws.

Charter/Franchise Taxes
As many of our clients' operation exists as a component of a parent corporation, it is essential that their business be in strict compliance with the tax code in the state of residence. We will ensure that a franchise be accurately valued and that meticulous tax preparation and presentation are submitted in a professional and timely manner to minimize liabilities and conform to the particular regulations of each state.