Construction Accounting

Changing regulations, laws that vary by state, and the need for surety bonding have made the financial reporting needs of both private and public construction companies increasingly complex. The accounting and audit experts at Questus offer decades of construction industry experience with commercial and road contractors, construction industry suppliers, residential contractors, and sub-contractors.

These are just some of the services Questus makes available to our construction industry clients:

Featured Services

  • Contract Element Review to Maximize Tax Deferral
  • Tax Accounting for Long-Term Construction Contracts
  • Alternative Minimum Tax Planning
  • Lookback Planning and Compliance
  • Tax Deferral Strategies
  • Home Construction Contracts
  • Residential Construction Contracts
  • Cost Allocations
  • State, Federal, and Local Tax Planning
  • IRS Examination Assistance
  • Tax Preparation for Businesses and Owners

  • For more information on how Questus can make a difference in your construction business, contact Irwin Magad at 847.580.5408 or e-mail to
    CJBS Construction Accounting